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Guru Gettings

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Guru Gettings is a metaphysical supply store based in Northern California. We are a family owned business and we love what we do. Spreading joy, positivity, and awareness. has been an honor. We feel it is our duty to spread as much positive vibratonal frequencies as possible. Thank you for taking the time to visit our little world. We wish you well on your journey. 

Something for everyone

One of our core goals is to be of service to ALL of our visitors. If you do not see something you need please do not hesitate to reach out. 

About Me

As a young child, I always had this warm feeling in my chest that there was a purpose for me. 
Every time life tried to take me or suck me in throughout my years I forcibly refused it! 
I am here now, healthy, happier than ever, and alive. 

I am ready to help anyone and everyone that comes my way!  

As a  single mother of 2 beautiful daughters I know how frustrating life can seem, I found strength through spirituality despite that frustration and I KNOW this is my purpose ❤️
 I want to share the things I have learned, being a lotus from the mud to blossom!. 

As the Founder of Guru Gettings I have but 1 goal, TO SPREAD AWARENESS & ENLIGHTEN OUR GENERATION. 

I Introduce you to this new beginning... for all of us!. No matter if you are a child or an adult this website & store is for EVERYONE. Be creative, find purpose, be aware & love yourself truly. 
-Sydney Gettings-

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